KHARTOUM, Sudan’s Foreign Affairs Ministry has expressed regret over the unfounded accusations by Eritrea that Sudan and Ethiopia are allegedly planning to support rebels against Asmara and that this agreement was concluded during a recent visit to Sudan by the Ethiopian Prime Minister.

The Ministry, in a media statement issued here Wednesday, expressed astonishment over the statement by the Horn of Africa country, saying it was full of falsified and unfounded information and calling on Eritrea to stop involving the name of the Sudan and to work for resolving its domestic questions and challenges away from accusations against the Sudan.

The Ministry pointed out that the Eritrean Ministry of Information had issued a statement on the 15th of May in which it accused the Sudan of striking an agreement with Ethiopia to co-ordinate support for the Eritrean opposition and provide it with arms and facilitate their unobstructed passage and movement along the borders.

Expressing its regret for the continued baseless accusations by the government of Eritrea, the Ministry expressed its strong surprise at the falsified information contained in the Eritrean statement.

It reiterated Sudan’s unchanging stand of good neighbourly relations and non-intervention in the domestic affairs of other countries. The statement said the Government of Sudan calls on Eritrea to work for resolving its domestic problems and questions without involving Sudan in them.

Source: Nam News Network