Sudan directs governors to take measures against rioters

The Empowerment Removal Committee on Wednesday directed all governors to take legal measures against the leaders and members of the dissolved National Congress Party (NCP) who were involved in the recent protests and riots.

According to a statement issued by the committee on Wednesday, the directive was issued after security reports – from the states where protests and riots took place recently – saying that elements of the former regime were behind the violent rallies.

“The committee has sufficient information about the activities of the dissolved party members and their involvement in the organization of burning, plundering, and terrorizing civilians,” further said the statement.

The protesters in several Darfur states and Sennar attacked public buildings and burned vehicles. However, the security services feared to intervene to be accused of attacks on the unarmed demonstrators.

Following the directive, the state governors who also chair the regional empowerment removal committees declared partial curfews and deployed forces to protect local markets and public facilities.

In statements to the official SUNA, the governor of West Kordofan state ordered the curfew from 04:00 pm to 06:00 am.

While the North Darfur governor declared war on the NCP stressing that its local leaders were behind the attack on public institutions in El-Fasher and Kabkabiya.

On the same vein, the East Darfur government condemned the “saboteurs” of the government buildings.

Nearly two years after the removal of the former regime, the government failed to curb inflation as the commodities prices continue to increase in the country.

The NCP supporters use the difficult living conditions to mobilise the Sudanese street against the government, Sudanese officials say.

Source: Sudan Tribune