KHARTOUM, Sudan’s newly appointed Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Economic Planning, Mutaz Musa, has stressed the determination of the government to implement a package of sustainable, stable and irreversible actions to control economic performance indicators i order top achieve equilibrium of supply and demand.

Revealing the Finance Ministry’s focus on the stability and sustainability of the exchange rate of the Sudanese pound and control of inflation rates according to an urgent programme here Monday, he said that in addition to committing to a well-studied scientific programme to reduce debt, the progra,,e also seeks to direct the revenue organs to provide real resources necessary for the reduction of inflation as well as the tendency to stimulate production and promote the aggregate supply.

Upon his assumption of duties as finance minister at the ministry’s headquarters on Monday, Musa stressed the government’s determination to crystallize and materialize a solution to the economic question as it is a key priority for the State, in view of the key roles of the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank of Sudan as the backbone of economic affairs.

He also stressed the availability of political will to make the desired changes, pledging to continue following up and assessing the country’s economic performance.

The Minister praised the achievements and efforts of his predecessor, Dr. Mohamed Osman Al-Rikabi, and his staff as well as the scientific report he presented on the facts of the economy, pointing out that the efforts exerted by the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Sudan had made the situation better than expected, renewing his confidence in the workers and leaders of the Ministry of Finance and the Bank of Sudan.

Source: NAM News Network