Sudan denies voting for Israel draft resolutions

(KHARTOUM) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Wednesday that Sudan did not vote for any draft resolutions presented by Israel in the United Nations General Assembly meeting.

Local newspapers, however, recently reported that Sudan had voted for an Israeli draft resolution in the United Nations General Assembly.

“We would like to make it clear that what has been reported in some media outlets about Sudan’s vote in favour of Israel in the United Nations is inaccurate. Sudan did not vote for any draft resolution tabled by Israel during the current or previous sessions of the General Assembly,” said the Ministry’s official statement.

The statement did not mention Sudan’s position on the draft resolution, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, according to Hebrew media, that Sudan, for the first time, did not vote against Israel in the United Nations, though it traditionally had done so.

Israeli media have also reported Sudan as being one of several countries with an institutional bias against Israel, citing the former country’s repeated rejection of Israeli resolutions at General Assembly meetings.

On Monday, the Sudanese government kept secret a visit of an Israeli delegation headed by the Deputy Director of National Security to Khartoum where the delegation discussed security issues relating to military components according to press leaks.

On October 23, Sudan officially recognized the State of Israel and pledged to establish diplomatic and economic relations in a deal sponsored by incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump.

A day after Sudan announced its recognition of Israel, the latter said it would send $5 million worth of wheat to support Khartoum’s efforts to overcome the economic crisis.


Source: Sudan Tribune