KHARTOUM, Minerals Minister Mohamed Ahmed Ali has affirmed the commitment of the government of Sudan to international conventions it had entered into regrading the reduction of the use of mercury and nvironment protection.

Addressing the Seminar on Investment and Opportunities for Reform in the Mining Sector in Sudan, organized by the Canadian Embassy in Khartoum in co-operation with the Ministry of Minerals here Sunday, he urgedl western companies to invest in the sector.

The minister considered the Canadian experience as a genuine addition to the development of the mining sector in Sudan, saying that the seminar was an opportunity to promote the minerals sector in Sudan and attract funding for many projects as a demonstration that expresses co-operation between Sudan and the West.

He described the seminar as being of paramount importance in the strategic planning of the country’s minerals sector, which had assumed an important role in Sudan’s economic development.

Minister of Investment Mubarak al-Fadil al-Mahdi said his ministry was revising the investment law and announced its willingness to receive any proposal supporting the Bill to be more attractive for investments.

Al-Fadil called on all western investors to invest in Sudan, especially Canadian ones, stressing Sudan’s desire to benefit from Canada’s experience in mining and equipment manufacturing.

He pointed out that Sudan still needed external expertise to train national cadres and called on the Canadian ambassador to help provide technical support and capacity-building programmes.

The ambassador, Salah bin Dawod, affirmed Canada’s support for the mining sector in Sudan, pointing out that there are great opportunities for investment in mining, especially as Sudan is one of the African countries rich in mineral resources.

He pointed to his country’s expertise in mining, particularly in mineral processing industries.

Source: Nam News Network