MUSCAT: As many as 701,081 students are studying in the sultanate’s government, private and community schools, according to latest general education data by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI).

Majority of the students are enroled in government schools, with their numbers reaching 523,522, followed by private schools with a student strength of 97,465. While there has been a nine per cent annual increase in student numbers in private schools, government schools registered a marginal 1.3 per cent growth.

The number of students in various community schools rose by seven per cent to reach 57,986.

The number of students in other government-run schools including Islamic institutes, schools run by the Royal Guards, ROP, Royal Air Force of Oman and preschools, as well as children’s centres under the Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs and Omani Women’s Association reached 22,108, posting a significant 21 per cent rise over last year. Looking at the two ends of the general education spectrum, kindergartens have a total student strength of 75,384, of which 38,201 are boys, whereas post-basic education grade (11-12) students numbered 84,232 of which, boys exceed 43,000.

North Batinah has the highest number of students at 102,535, followed by Muscat at 90,325 and Dakhliyah at 80,162.