KUWAIT, Feb 11 – Kuwaiti officials at the Public Authority for Youth and Sports (PAYS), have affirmed the sector decision-makers’ keenness on supporting and encouraging local clubs and unions, with the aim of promoting national sports.

The authority, through regular meetings being held with the clubs and federation, seek to determine “challenges facing these clubs and present its views regarding basic issues concerning the sports arena,” according to the officials, interviewed by KUNA.

Sheikh Humoud Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah, the authority deputy director general for construction affairs and maintenance, told KUNA, that the latest meetings in this respect were cordial, and understanding was reached regarding various major issues concerning the sector.

PAYS is seeking to complete construction of a number of key sports installations in the country, such as, Sheikh Saad Al-Abdullah’s complex, the bowling club, in addition to planned construction of swimming pools at the sports clubs.

For his part, Jassem Al-Huwaidi, PAYS’s deputy director general for public affairs, affirmed efforts, to finalise establishment of the facilities, noting that managers of most of the clubs desire rapid completion of the works and maintenance.

Al-Huwaidi also noted in this respect, fruitful efforts to shorten various bureaucratic and paper works, adding that, a solution was reached in coordination with the ministry of finance, regarding payments for professional athletes.

Ahmad Al-Khazaal, the deputy director for sports affairs, said, PAYS “has taken the decisions on laws, after consulting with the clubs.”