South Sudan: Vulnerability Verification and Return Intentions – Collective Sites: Cathedral, Masna, Nazareth, Lokoloko and St. Joseph | March 2020


22% of internally displaced persons (HHs) in the collective sites in Wau have at least one person with specific needs. The total households verified is 1,800 HHs / 8,474 individuals.

400 vulnerable HHs with at least one person with specific needs.

420 vulnerable individuals with at least one specific need.

41% of the HHs interviewed (741 HHs / 3,711 individuals) have expressed intentions to leave the collective site (return/relocate).

Out of those who expressed intentions to return, 84% of the households (622 HHs / 3,117 individuals) intend to return to their place of origin.

16% (119 HHs / 594 individuals) intend to relocate to places other than their place of origin.


Vulnerability verification exercise was conducted to verify and update the status of the existing most vulnerable case load in collective sites in Wau and to identify new vulnerable cases at household level. This report compiles and analyses data from 400 vulnerable IDPs households comprised of 420 individuals with specific needs.



Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees