South Sudan, Sudan agree to deepening strategic cooperation

South Sudan and Sudan have pledged to strengthen bilateral cooperation and jointly maintain peace and stability in the region.

Defence ministers of the two Sudan wrapped up two days of talks between delegations from the two countries on security cooperation, border and trade.

Speaking to the media on Friday, South Sudan’s Defence Minister Angelina Teny said the two delegations have agreed to elevate their relations to a comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era between the two neighbours.

Teny said Juba was ready to work with Khartoum to implement the important bilateral agreements, boost military ties, deepen practical cooperation in all areas, jointly safeguard their security interests, and maintain peace and stability.

The minister added that a comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination will benefit the two peoples and serve as a significant force in preserving global security and strategic stability.

The minister pointed out the efforts of the two countries to strengthen coordination on major issues, jointly deal with the challenges facing the two countries and maintain peace and stability.

Military cooperation plays an important role in and demonstrates “the special relations the two countries were starting to cultivate,” she stressed.

The two countries still have to finalize the border demarcation with all the issues related to the disputed and claimed areas along the over 2000 border between the two countries.

The demarcation seems difficult to realize in several areas that are used by the local population from both sides.

The leadership in Juba and Khartoum are aware of the need for special arrangements including enhanced cooperation and development projects for the benefit of the two countries.

Sudanese Defence Minister Yassin Ibrahim, for his part, said the two sides are “looking forward to establishing banks, trade, and finding solutions on the pensions matters of South Sudanese were part of the Sudanese civil service and army.

“We would like to play a significant example in the region. This is through our partnerships and achieving the aspirations of our citizens by providing them with better living conditions.”

Source: Sudan Tribune