PRETORIA, — South Sudanese First Vice President Taban Deng Gai says parties in his country are determined to bring about peace to stabilise the young nation.

“We are very serious [about] implementing peace so there is no going back to any crisis or war. But people don’t eat peace in the first place. What they eat is the dividends that follow peace. Those dividends are roads, schools and health services,” said Deng.

Deng on Tuesday met Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa, the special envoy of President Jacob Zuma to South Sudan, in Cape Town.

He briefed Ramaphosa on the current political situation in South Sudan, the progress made in implementing the Arusha Peace Agreement and developments regarding the reunification of the Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM).

The First Vice President of Africa’s youngest country said he came to South Africa for solidarity.

“As an elder brother, South Africa of course is one of the giants of Africa. We are relying on South African people to participate in cementing peace and developing the nation,” said Deng.

He said South Africa could help South Sudan unleash its potential, as that country is well endowed in oil and mineral resources.

“South Africa has the technology. [You] have the capacity to help us tap into those resources so that people can move forward with developing the country,” said Deng.

Ramaphosa — who has been working alongside the Secretary General of Tanzania’s ruling party, Abdurahman Kinana, in efforts aimed at the reunification of the SPLM — said he was confident that peace will finally be entrenched in South Sudan and they can start focusing on development.

” The guns have gone silent and they are working together in cooperation with President Salva Kiir. Government has become stable, parliament has opened and we were very pleased and heartened to hear all these developments,” said Ramaphosa.

A task team has been set up between the offices of Deng and Ramaphosa to work on matters of mutual interest.

Source: Nam News Network