South Sudan Operation Overview – September 2019


The Logistics Cluster facilitates the coordination of the logistics response in support of the humanitarian community. Furthermore, it provides information management products to improve the decision making of humanitarian organisations in South Sudan.

Where logistics gaps are identified, WFP, as the lead agency of the Logistics Cluster, acts as a Provider of Last Resort by offering common logistics services to support the humanitarian community in their response operations.

Operational Highlights

In August, the Logistics Cluster facilitated the transport of 347 mt of humanitarian cargo by air, road and river to 38 destinations on behalf of 37 organisations.

During the month, the Logistics Cluster coordinated one interagency convoy on behalf of two organisations, transporting humanitarian supplies along the Western Corridor.

In September 2019, The Logistics Cluster conducted five trainings in three different locations (Bor, Juba and Wau), reaching a total of 107 participants from 68 organisations, including 33 NNGOs, 31 INGOs and four UN agencies. Trainees took part in Logistics Cluster Induction, Service Request Form, Warehouse Management and Weight and Volumes trainings.

Source: World Food Programme