South Sudan: Mobility Tracking Round 4

Over 860,000 returnees

Figures represent DTM findings from Mobility Tracking Round 4 (data collected Nov to Dec 2018). Please note that these are not representative for the entire country as not all locations have been assessed.

Returnees refers to persons who were displaced from their habitual residence either within South Sudan (former IDP) or abroad (former refugee), who have returned since 2015 to their habitual residence.

Please note that the returnee category, for the purpose of DTM data collection, is restricted to individuals who returned to the exact location of their habitual residence or an adjacent area based on a free decision. South Sudanese displaced persons having crossed the border into South Sudan from neighbouring countries without having reached their home are still displaced and as such not considered returnees.

The boundaries on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the Government of the Republic of South Sudan or 101v1. This map is for planning purposes only IOM cannot guarantee this map is error free and therefore accepts no liability for consequential and indirect damages arising from its use.

Source: International Organization for Migration