South Sudan: Humanitarian Snapshot (December 2018)

In December, the number of people displaced by violence and conflict was 1.87 million. About 3,800 civilians, mainly women and children, returned to southern Unity. They came from Lakes, Jonglei, Juba, Bentiu PoC site and Khartoum in Sudan, following the relatively improved security in southern Unity. In northern Unity, inter-communal fighting in Mankien killed 17 people. There was also inter-communal fighting in Boma, Jonglei between Murle and Kachipo communities. The incident was linked to a series of revenge attacks over the past several weeks. Humanitarian organizations are monitoring the situation. Fifteen thousand children remain separated from their families or missing, five years after the conflict started, even though humanitarian organizations have reunited close to 6,000 children with their parents or caregivers. Increased food insecurity in Mundri East, West and Mvolo areas, Western Equatoria, was reported by humanitarian organizations. Areas including Kedi’ba, Minga, and Lakamadi in Mundri East and Mvolo experienced a prolonged dry spell last year that spoiled crops and an outbreak of the crop-eating army worm. Ebola preparedness activities are ongoing, however some have been disrupted due to the insecurity around Yei. There have been no cases in South Sudan.

Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs