South Sudan Humanitarian Fund: Second Standard Allocation 2019 (As of 22 October 2019)

The South Sudan Humanitarian Fund allocated US$36 million under the second standard allocation of 2019, targeting an estimated 1.3 million vulnerable people. The objective was to cover key gaps in the existing humanitarian operation and support the immediate scale-up of activities in highly vulnerable communities. For the first time, the Fund used an integrated, multi-sectoral approach to increase humanitarian effectiveness with the following prioritized parameters:

Expanding high-impact programmes in 26 counties identified by xcluster-specific surveys, and the Inter-Cluster and Needs Analysis Working xGroups

Scaling up assistance activities consistent with CERF life-saving criteria

Scaling up first-line assistance with the scope of inter-sector synergies and Xintegrated programming

Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs