South Sudan: Bentiu and Rubkona Collective Centres (Rubkona County, Unity State) – October 2019 DRC CCCM Headcount Data Collection

There is currently a total of 210 HHs and 1671 individuals living in 10 assessed collective sites as of October 2019 across Bentiu and Rubkona towns.

Compared to the last quarterly assessment (July 2019), 173 less individuals are present at the sites, but a further 2 sites have become re-usedby IDPs.

Notably, most of the people who responded as planning on leaving the collective sites are planning to go to other surrounding villages, Khartoum and some to the PoC.

58 individuals were identified as with possible specific needs, and referred to protection agencies for follow up in consideration the conditions of these collective sites/physical structures and the risks involved.

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees