Saudi Foreign Minister: Jeddah Summit addressed prominent Arab issues…. Aboul Gheit: the Summit achieved its targets

Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud, has affirmed that the 32nd Arab Summit of Jeddah discussed the most prominent Arab, regional and international issues affecting member states and their common interests, expressing his country’s hope that Syria’s return to the League of Arab States would contribute to supporting its stability and resuming its normal role in the Arab world.

“The member states welcomed the Ministerial Arab decision to resume Syria’s participation in the meetings of the Arab Council,” Prince bin Farhan said at a joint press conference with Secretary-General of League of Arab States, Ahmed Aboul Gheit following the conclusion of the Arab Summit works, hoping this step would contribute to supporting the stability of Syria, preserving its territorial integrity.

Bin Farhan went on saying that Saudi Arabia and members of Arab League affirmed that there is no solution to the crisis in Syria except through dialogue, partnership and cooperation with the Syrian government.

He noted that there is a humanitarian crisis and there are Syrian refugees who want to return to their country, and we must help them, and there is a difficult economic situation which affected the Syrian people, thus, we should help to find practical and realistic solutions.

Regarding the situation in Sudan, Saudi Foreign Minister stated that his country is working to create an atmosphere to reach a humanitarian truce after the decision taken through the meeting of Sudanese parties in Jeddah, which stipulated adhering to humanitarian principles and protecting civilians.

He called on all parties to assume responsibility through dialogue and to refrain from using weapons to resolve differences, since the Sudanese citizen is the one who pays the price.

For his part, Aboul Gheit stated that the decision regarding return of Syria to the League has a very clear symbol, and there is a desire that this be the beginning of resolving the crisis, restoring Syria to its normal role within the Arab system, and overcoming the difficult circumstances which have faced the country.

He stressed that the situation in Syria is a priority and the League will work with the Syrian government to secure return of Syrian refugees to their homes, hoping that the West will help achieve this goal in accordance with the UN Security Council resolution that stipulated support for early recovery projects.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency