Salam during ordination of Daryan: Islam subject to fierce attack by Takfiri groups

SEPTEMBER 16, 2014 (REFERRING TO THE NATIONAL NEWS AGENCY – LEBANON) Prime Minister Tammam Salam on Tuesday underscored that Islam was being exposed to a fierce attack by “terrorist Takfiri groups whose evil has reached Lebanon,” confirming that the government is not sparing any effort to combat terrorism.

“We in the government are facing the epidemic of terrorism with all what we have, and our military and security forces are fully assuming their duty in that respect,” Salam told a crowd of dignitaries and spiritual leaders at Mohammad al-Amine mosque in Downtown Beirut, during the ordination ceremony of newly elected Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdullatif Daryan.

“We all witnessed the attack on Arsal town last month,” he pointed out, vowing to carry on work until the military hostages are released.

“But the biggest responsibility to eradicate the roots of the Takfiri thought must be mostly shouldered by Dar-al-Fatwa and all the religious institutions,” he said.

“The ordination of the Mufti of the republic today inaugurates a new era at Dar-al-Fatwa which will have to face huge challenges on the internal level as well as on the level of Muslims’ affairs,” Salam uttered, regretting that the inter-Muslim ties have become affected by the existing political conflict.

“We call Dar-al-Fatwa to prioritize this issue and to take the initiative immediately to carry out necessary contacts to nip strife in the bud.”

“This region of the world has witnessed throughout hundreds of years an Islamic-Christian coexistence that is now hit by terrorist groups who are displacing Christians from their lands,” he went on to say.

Accordingly, the Prime Minister called upon Muslims to lead the battle of preserving the presence of Christians in the East.

Salam did not fail to renew calls to elect a new president of the republic in the nearest time possible.

“We are all responsible for taking Lebanon out of the crisis and for reviving its role and developing its institutions,” he concluded.