MUSCAT: This year’s Salalah Khareef Festival ended on a high note on Saturday, with the participation of over 2mn visitors. According to organisers of the festival, the number of visitors has grown by more than a million compared to last year.

The concluding event of the festival saw numerous activities like cultural performances by Omani folk artistes and various entertainment programmes.

Abdullah al Muqadam, director of Salalah festival, said, “The number of visitors to the festival keeps growing every year and this year it was higher by almost a million. Last year the number of visitors was 1.08mn.”

The festival had visitors from within and outside the country and had activities for everyone, he said, adding, “We will work further to come up with a bigger and a better festival next time. We plan to introduce new activities which will cater to all age groups.”

The Omani products exhibition was one of the highlights of the festival, Muqadam said.

Among the sporting events held were the beach championship, equestrian races, and the shooting contest. The shooting contest, one of the main events of the festival, was held at Raysut Shooting field of Dhofar Police Command.

The annual Salalah Tourism Festival Soccer Cup was also held with the participation of all clubs in the governorate.

Warith Shanfari, a resident of Salalah said, “This year there were more activities for families apart from the usual options of just shopping and games. Omani folklore was given importance and the heritage of the country was highlighted. I believe such activities and performances are interesting for people especially for those who come from outside.”

Salwa Taseer al Mughaisi, a visitor at the festival, said, “The shopping area was better than that at the Muscat Festival. The Salalah festival had more international shops and better deals. I bought a lot of items. For the children there were fun rides and games.”