S. Sudan opposition alliance criticize government over floods

(JUBA) – Members of South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOMA) have expressed solidarity with the flood victims in South Sudan, accusing the Juba government of allegedly neglecting them.

The group, in statement issued on Sunday, condemned the “inaction” and “poor leadership” of the Juba regime, saying they are responsible for the loss of lives and the suffering of flood victims.

“The Juba regime lack of priorities is now glaringly exposed by the natural disaster in the form of severe floods that have submerged large areas and displaced about one-half (1/2) of the Jonglei State population, and swathes of lands in Central and Western Equatoria [states] are under water,” partly reads SSOMA’s statement.

It added, “The consequences in terms of human toll are enormous. Most of the affected populations are children and women whose needs for urgent humanitarian assistance are huge and dire”.

The opposition alliance also criticized the just-concluded national dialogue conference in Juba, arguing that the organizers should have prioritized the suffering of the people displaced by the floods.

“Thousands of South Sudanese are suffering and left on their own looking for shelters, food, medicines and security in Jonglei, Central Equatoria, Western Equatoria States and many other parts of the country,” further noted the statement.

The opposition group appealed to regional and international humanitarian organizations as well as well-wishers to urgently rescue the suffering people of South Sudan.

In August, South Sudan’s Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) warned that thousands of people displaced by floods and conflict could face serious food shortages if they are not supported.


Source: Sudan Tribune