Russian Communist Party sends humanitarian aid to Syria

The Russian Communist Party has sent three truckloads of humanitarian aid, carrying about 30 tons of foodstuffs and other materials, to the Syrian people, which will be transported via a cargo plane affiliated to the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The Communist Party has provided aid to the Syrian people during the crisis, Chairman of the Party, Gennady Zuganov said, in a statement, expressing his party’s commitment to stand by Syria.

“Syria is an important country, and we provide support and assistance to it after the earthquake catastrophe,” Vladimir Kashin, Vice-President of the Russian Communist Party, said.

The American imperialists and advocates of globalization wanted to target the independent and sovereign state of Syria, but the Syrian people with Russian Federation assistance managed to preserve the entity of their state, Deputy Speaker of the Local Duma in Moscow Governorate Alexander Naumov said.

The Syrian Embassy in Moscow had announced previously that it had sent, within the framework of the emergency response to the repercussions of the earthquake, 4 tons of humanitarian aid provided by the Syrian community in Rostov, including food, and other supplies, for the benefit of the Syrian Trust for Development, in addition to other humanitarian aid provided by Russian friends.

Source: Syrian Arab News Agency