By: Ashok Purohit

Sports persons and sports bodies in Oman have often felt the need for more initiatives to acknowledge their achievements at various regional and global events.

In an effort to address this concern, the Ministry of Sports Affairs (MoSA) on Sunday announced the setting up of the annual Youth Achievement Awards, which comes with a generous budget of RO174,000.

Mohammed al Amri, Deputy Director-General at MoSA, told Muscat Daily, “This initiative from the sports ministry is meant to pick the best out of the best. We do organise an annual felicitation ceremony for athletes who bring laurels for the country and we also reward clubs and other sports organisations with similar events. However, the ministry felt that there was a need to give a further boost to the top achievers, which resulted in the setting up of the Youth Achievements Awards for men and women.”

The budget of RO174,000 for the awards will be distributed in two major categories – sports (RO90,000) and youth activities (RO84,000). A high-powered committee of eight to ten experts, who are yet to be named, will decide on the winners.

Submission of entries for this year will close in December, with the applicants asked to hand over their documents between November and December. The inaugural awards function is likely to be held in March next year.

Khalid al Hashani, advisor at the sports ministry, said, “In the sports individual category for men and women, the awards will be given to the best athlete, coach, referee, manager and media representative. Each of the ten winners will receive RO3,000.” He added, “The next category will be for the best national team, best club side, best local team [besides the registered 44 clubs] and the best school or college side. Each team will receive RO5,000, while the last category under sports will be for the best association or sports committee under the Oman Olympic Committee and the best club. The winner takes home RO10,000 each.”

The MoSA also will distribute RO84,000 for youth activities, with awards given for arts (drawing, photography and theatre), social service, science and cultural activities (poetry, story-telling, script-writing).

The eight individual winners will get RO 3,000 each. The MoSA will also award the best eight teams with RO5,000 each and the best four clubs or organisations with RO5,000 each.

SOURCE : Muscat Daily