RCA dispatches tenth aid convey to Syrian refugees in Jordan

RCA dispatches tenth aid convey to Syrian refugees in Jordan
2014-02-14 11:56:59

WAM Abu Dhabi, 14th Feb. 2014 (WAM) — A Red Crescent Authority (RCA) aid convey left Abu Dhabi to Jordanian capital Amman as part of the UAE’s massive relief programme to improve living conditions of Syrian refugees in Jordan and alleviate their human suffering.

The RCA said the tenth land aid convey carries the 18th consignment of kind assistance including food and sheltering materials, and food for children and other which will be distributed to Syrian refugees at Zaatari Refugee Camp and UAE-Jordan Camp at Mreejab Al Fohood.

The RCA added that the latest assistance will boost these camps capacities in areas of shelter, food and other basic services.

A RCA report indicated that the UAE key aid agency has so far transported and airlifted 3,584 tons of kind assistance to Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon.

The Syrian refugees in Jordan took the lion’s share of these assistance at 3,199 tons.

The RCA affirmed that it is mobilising all its resources and potentials to respond to the unfolding humanitarian situation of the Syrian refugees on the ground and its is striving to reach out to the largest possible number of targeted groups.


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