Qatar Participates in Internet Governance Forum 2012

Baku, Azerbaijan, November 06 (QNA) – A delegation headed by ictQATAR Secretary General, Dr. Hessa Al-Jaber, is representing Qatar at the Seventh Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2012 which is taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan, from 6-9 November 2012.
This year’s IGF forum – entitled “Internet Governance for Sustainable Human, Economic and Social Development”   is being attended by over 1,500 delegates from more than 100 countries, as they debate the future of the Internet.
Key issues being discussed include Security, Openness and Privacy, Managing Critical Internet Resources as well as Access and Diversity issues. How the Internet is managed and governed is also likely to be a key issue throughout the conference.
Al-Jaber attended the opening ceremony, which featured keynote speeches from Mr. Wu Hongbo, Under Secretary General of the United Nations Department of Economics and Social Affairs (UNDESA), Mr. Hamadoun Toure, Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Uniton (ITU) and Mr. Ali Abbasov, Azerbaijani Communications Minister, on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
Statements from ministers from around the world were delivered during the session, setting the tone for the dialogues and interactive sessions to follow at IGF. The importance of international co-operation on issues such as cyber-crime, as well as the Internet s role in economic and business development, were all highlighted.
UN Under Secretary General Wu Hongbo noted that UN s commitment to the continued existence of the IGF notig that “IGF is inclusive and transparent forum”.
In addition to Dr. Al-Jaber, the delegation includes Salwa Fakhro, Executive Director of Communications Office at ictQATAR; Fadel Al Enazi, Chairman of Qatar’s Internet Society; Mohammed El-Bashir; Technical Affairs Manager, Regulatory Authority at ictQATAR; Ahmed Hefnawi, Regulatory Affairs Expert, Regulatory Authority at ictQATAR and Damian Radcliffe, Internet and Society Manager.
Qatar’s delegation will participate in a variety of working sessions with the goal of advancing Qatar s digital agenda and learning from experts around the globe on issues of importance to Qatar.
Alongside participating in the conference deliberations ictQATAR’s Mohamed El Bashir will also participate as a speaker on a panel on the impact of new Internet Infrastructures for the socio-economic development of countries such as Qatar.
Prior the event, Qatar’s delegation participated in a number of pre-Conference briefings and a reception held by the Internet Society.
The Internet Society are hosting, in partnership with ISOC Qatar an event at Carnegie Mellon Qatar on 27th November, which will explore some of the themes emerging from the IGF Summit, in the context of Qatar and the Arab World.(QNA)

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