KHARTOUM, President Omer Al-Bashir has affirmed that Sudan is keen to press ahead with its State restructuring programme as well as the rationalization of expenditure at all levels of government.

Addressing the opening sitting of the National Legislature’s eighth session here Monday, he added that all these measures come in the context of an integrated plan aimed at creating a qualified civil service which is trained in the use of modern technology and matching up with the highest criteria for excellence.

He said the challenges and circumstances witnessed in the country at the economic level had affected the people’s living conditions and the work of the State, a development which calls for the adoption by the government of decisions and arrangements, in consultation with the different components of the National Accord Government in order to find solutions to address the new circumstances and challenges.

He pointed out that the State’s restructuring, starting with the Presidency and the Foreign Ministry, was aimed at achieving efficiency and optimum use of resources.

The President reiterated the State’s keenness to continue implementing the recommendations of the Conference for Assessment of the Decentralized Government System by enhancing the government structure at the level of ministries and localities, controlling the expenditure in accordance with a mechanism that guarantees quality services for citizens at the lowest cost.

He said that the economic situation was a result of internal and external circumstances that are known to all, while expressing appreciation for the deep understanding, patience and hope of the citizens for surpassing these challenges.

He said that the State had managed to consult with the National Accord Government components and in implementation of the national dialogue outcome to achieve a common understanding for reducing size of the government bodies at the federal and state levels, and forming an executive system coping with the requirements of the State.

These efforts have resulted in the formation of the national accord government at all levels and separating the position of the Prime Minister from the position of the First Vice-President to ensure efficiency.

President Al-Bashir held the National Legislature responsible for monitoring and orientating the Executive performance, renewing his confidence in the former Council of Ministers, affirming trust in the new Council of Ministers to live up to the mandate and taking the country to the horizons of development and progress, with determination and honesty.