Peter Lake, the World’s Only Anonymous Singer-Songwriter, Releases New Song Warning About Nuclear War

Peter Lake, on the back of some serious arm-chair thinking, continues to push boundaries as lyrical iconoclast with his release of Nuclear Air, which highlights the catastrophic threat of nuclear war. Says the artist: “Wake up, folks this is a real thing! Why are musicians not writing songs about major issues? I’m not against writing another song about a breakup or anxiety, but as an artist, aren’t we supposed to tackle big ideas? Let’s go folks!”

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / April 13, 2023 / Peter Lake, the world’s only anonymous singer-songwriter, has released yet another hit single “Nuclear Air” on April 7, 2023. It is now available on streaming platforms globally. The new song, which is both catchy and thought-provoking, deals with the serious subject of nuclear weapons being back in the public consciousness. Lake contends that artists have a responsibility to be iconoclasts and push the boundaries and the discourse.

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Says Lake: “When I speak to my parents they discuss music as a protest, music as bringing issues to light. Since when did popular music become about the day-to-day? As musicians, we need to follow the lead of comedians and write about topics that matter. I don’t want to die in a nuclear explosion!”

With the recent events in Eastern Europe and other parts of the world, the topic of nuclear weapons has once again become an existential threat. In “Nuclear Air,” Peter Lake uses his unique voice and songwriting skills to explore this important issue in a way that is both entertaining and enjoyable, but also forces you to think about it.

“‘Nuclear Air’ is a powerful song that tackles a serious subject but does so in a way that is accessible to all audiences,” said a spokesperson for Peter Lake. “We believe that this song has the potential to make a real impact and help raise awareness about the dangers of nuclear weapons.”

The release is occurring in tandem with a YouTube video that compiles the visually stunning and disturbing images coming from national archives that documented historical nuclear tests.

Peter Lake is known for his ability to write and perform songs that are both catchy and meaningful. He has built a strong following of fans who appreciate his unique approach to music and his willingness to tackle important issues in his work, and over the last two years has garnered over 50 million streams on YouTube and Spotify.

“Nuclear Air” is available for download and streaming on all major music platforms. For more information about Peter Lake and his music, visit his website at or contact the artist directly via Instagram @peterlakemusic.

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