Parliament panel, EU envoy talk ties, region

The Lower House’s Foreign Affairs Committee met with European Union Ambassador Pierre-Christophe Chatzisavas on Monday to discuss regional developments and ways to enhance relations between Jordan and the bloc in various fields. Khaldoun Heena, the committee’s chairman, said that Jordan is making steady progress towards stabilizing its economy despite regional challenges and hindrances. The economy, he stressed, is a key challenge that requires numerous reforms, emphasizing His Majesty King Abdullah’s interest in forging strategic relations with EU nations, which were of great support to the Kingdom. During the meeting, MPs urged stepped up global efforts to find a political solution that addresses the humanitarian, security, economic, and political ramifications affecting regional countries. Jordan, they pointed out, is facing mounting pressure on its health and education systems due to waves of refugees, which requires more support, particularly for remote governorates. Chatzisavas underlined the need to bolster relations with Jordan, pointing to a joint effort to support the three axes of modernization: political, economic, and administrative. He said that the EU will review trade agreements with Jordan and fulfill commitments to countries hosting Syrian refugees. The envoy also reiterated that the EU supports the internationally-backed two-state solution to the Palestinian issue.

Source: Jordan News Agency