Pakistan seems to get stuck somewhere in a Prolonged war against terrorism

Pakistan is crying for peace since 9/11

Since the 9/11, the country which has suffered a lot from this monster of terrorism, so that is none other than Pakistan, and one must accept that the people of Pakistan have sacrificed a lot in this prolonged war against terrorism. One may differ from it, but it is fact that the reason for Pakistan, not to defeat this monster of terrorism so far, is its own different governments’ different policies of coping with the storm of terrorism. Coping with terrorism, requires taking effective measures, which can ensure peace in the country, but without eliminating its root cause, even world’s superpowers cannot easily defeat this monster of terrorism. This is another fact that because of the non-seriousness of the leaders of Pakistan, a country has got stuck in a war against terrorism. If this current regime of Pakistan revives again the old failed policies of dealing with terrorism, so one must not expect it to bring peace in Pakistan.

The recent deadly attack in Lahore, Pakistan

This is another horrible attack on common people after the attack in the Brussels, in which many people lost their lives, but coming back to the insight of the recent Attack at the Children’s Park in Lahore Pakistan, will make you much agonize over the deaths of children and women. This must be the decisive phase for the leaders and the real stakeholders of Pakistan to come up with some effective measures in order to ensure the security in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s peace depends on Afghanistan’s overall peace situation

Since the United States jumped into Afghanistan with the aim of eliminating Taliban from the country, so that practice of the United States has kicked off the horrible terrorist attacks in Pakistan, which caused a severe blow to the country. One must believe that defeating the monster of terrorism, is not only about dealing with it aggressively and retaliate to it in a similar way as that only intensifies it, so rather than jumping directly into the war against Taliban in Afghanistan, The United States should have consulted the authorities of Pakistan as how to eliminate the Taliban. Which in the recent times, the world has witnessed as eventually The United States had to rely on Pakistan when it comes to Afghanistan’s peace and stability.

Real faces behind this deadly attack in Pakistan

In this recent attack in Lahore, Pakistan, at least 65 people lost their lives and that are mostly women and children and that is not all, this recent attack also left more than 300 people injured stated by the concerned authorities. After the attack, the faces behind this deadly attack without being ashamed revealed who we are and they are none other than the terrorists of a faction of the Pakistani Taliban, Jamaat-ul Ahrar, and according to them this attack was aimed at Christians. According to many people, the majority of families there in Park, were celebrating Easter and that indicates that through this attack terrorists wanted to promote their heinous agenda of revealing Pakistan as a country that is not safe for Christians and now it depends on the state of Pakistan as how actively it proves them wrong.