Omani delegation visits QRTA for educational collaboration

The Queen Rania Teacher Academy (QRTA) welcomed a delegation from Oman’s Ministry of Education, specifically from the Specialized Institute for Vocational Training for Teachers (SIVTT). The purpose of the visit was to observe and gain insights from the QRTA’s effective implementation of training programs tailored for teachers and educational leaders across Jordan and the broader Arab region. Osama Obeidat, CEO of the Academy, emphasized the significance of developing and equipping educational personnel as a crucial aspect of advancing the educational process to meet the evolving demands of the Arab region in keeping pace with the skills required in the twenty-first century. Emphasizing the significance of exchanging experiences and knowledge among educational authorities in Arab countries, he underscored that the Academy has emerged as a model and a valuable point of reference in this domain. Furthermore, Obeidat reiterated the Academy’s unwavering dedication to fostering regional cooperation, recognizing it
s potential to greatly enhance the quality of teacher training and educational leadership within the region. Additionally, he emphasized the QRTA’s steadfast commitment to offering innovative experiences in professional development for educators and warmly embraced opportunities for collaboration and establishing connections with other Arab countries. The main purpose of the visit was to facilitate a comprehensive exchange of experiences and knowledge regarding teacher training and the development of their skills. Additionally, the visit sought to promote cooperation between Oman and Jordan, with the goal of enhancing successful practices in developing educational personnel. The delegation had the opportunity to engage in a meeting with the Academy team, where they were presented with an overview of the institution’s progress, including human resource models, organizational structure, quality assurance, and training methods. Furthermore, the delegation visited schools and met with beneficiaries of the QRTA’s
programs to gain insights into their experiences and the impact on student achievement and the overall educational environment. Discussions also focused on methods and practices that contribute to improving the quality of training and meeting the evolving demands of the labor market, particularly in terms of the necessary competencies for teachers and educational leaders. For her part, Intisar Ambusaidi, SIVTT Director General, expressed that this visit was a result of the leadership’s directives in both countries to strengthen cooperation and partnership frameworks, and it also came to activate the frameworks of partnership, cooperation, and experiences exchange between the two institutions. Ambusaidi further stated that the purpose of this visit was for the Institute to acquire knowledge and gain insights from the Academy’s experiences. She highlighted that the QRTA achieved international accreditation for its Teacher Education Professional Diploma (TEPD) program from the Council for the Accreditation of Ed
ucator Preparation (CAEP). Moreover, it is recognized as a trailblazer in implementing professional programs for educational leaders and teachers, ensuring rigorous quality control measures and effectively assessing their impact.

Source: Jordan News Agency