Oil Ministry Responds To Two MPs’ Statements About Iraq’s Agreement To OPEC Production Cut Agreement

Baghdad (NINA) – The Oil Ministry expressed its surprise at the statements made by the two representatives, Muhammad Sahib Al-Darraji and Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani, yesterday, regarding Iraq’s approval of the production reduction agreement taken by OPEC +, describing it as an individual decision.

The Ministry of Oil said in a statement, which a copy of it received by / NINA /: “The decision to reduce production within the” OPEC + “agreement was not individual, but the proposal and the reasons for that were previously presented to the Ministerial Council for Energy and the Council of Ministers and obtain their approval, before declaring support for the agreement. .

The Oil Ministry added that it dealt realistically and objectively with the decision to cut production away from political slogans and auctions. And put the national interest above all.

It indicated that it published a clarification on the 18th of last April, in which it outlined all the steps taken by the ministry, until the approval of the production cut agreement, and it could be found on the ministry’s website, before making inaccurate statements.


Source: National Iraqi News Agency