New TANK SUV Model Equipped with 3.0T+ 9AT Super Power

BAODING, China, Aug. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the first model TANK “X” (which is not officially named, hereinafter referred to as TANK “X”) after the independence of the TANK brand rolled off the production line in Jingmen Vehicle Production Base of GWM. On the basis of the sketch released before, the rollout of TANK “X” has further raised the expectations of users. With its market popularity keeping soaring, it is expected to become another hit of TANK after TANK 300.

TANK “X” is designed by Andrew Collinson, who worked for Land Rover, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz and other international first-tier car companies, and has led the design of many world-renowned models. Under his leadership, the hardcore look of TANK “X” presents a heavy sense of classic and international style. TANK “X” adopts a new design language of business luxury, which is different from TANK 300, and has developed a new category of “business luxury”. As can be seen from the sketch, the new car adopts a hexagonal air intake grille, with strong chrome decoration, and the well-designed TANK logo is eye-catching and full of power; the profile is clean-cut and muscular; the triangular rear window design makes the vehicle full of dynamic, and the clean and concise tail shape, with a highly recognizable split tail lamp, fully displays its hardcore and luxurious style, which fits the aesthetics of the majority in the present-day society.

New TANK SUV Model Equipped with 3.0T+ 9AT Super Power

TANK “X” not only highlights the luxurious style in appearance, but also has excellent performance comparable to luxury brands. TANK “X”, built on the global intelligent professional off-road platform – TANK, with the support of the top power combination, features ultimate off-road performance. TANK “X” is the first SUV of GWM to be equipped with the internationally leading 3.0GDIT+ 9AT super powertrain. The engine uses the industry’s most cutting-edge technologies such as dual-injection system and Miller cycle, with a thermal efficiency of 38.5%, a maximum power of 260 kW, and a peak torque of 500 N m, thus achieving overall excellent performance in power, fuel economy, reliability, and quietness. Adopting the 9AT transmission developed by GWM, TANK “X” has the advantages of fast shift speed, smoothness, high transmission efficiency and lightweight. In addition, with its robust, efficient, and reliable performance, it brings the pleasure of conquest and the ultimate off-road experience to off-road enthusiasts around the world.

As the first model of the business luxury series under TANK brand, TANK “X” will usher in its world premiere at the Chengdu Motor Show 2021 in August and announce its official name. In the future, TANK “X”, which ushers in the luxury business off-road era of GWM, is expected to be launched globally, so as to enrich users’ life and off-road experience with its robust off-road performance.

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