By: Zain al Tauqi

MUSCAT: The German television series, SciTech: The World of Tomorrow, whose fourth season is currently being filmed in the sultanate, will be aired on Oman TV in January 2015.

Twelves episodes of the new season are being shot in Salalah, Mirbat, Jebel Samharam, Sohar, Rustaq and Muscat.

Speaking to Muscat Daily, Kathrin Seward, editor, SciTech, said, “We’ve been shooting for almost a month now and it is pretty exciting since our focus is on south Oman and other areas. We shot during the Khareef season and found the weather quite pleasant.”

She said that each episode will be of 25-30 minutes duration. “More and more people now know about the programme and ask us about the new season. During the last couple of months, SciTech was discussed in the German media a lot, especially our host Constantin Schreiber, who is fluent in Arabic, is admired a lot in Germany. Due to our increasing interaction on social networks, we have launched our own Instagram account and uploaded pictures of the shoot,” Kathrin added. She said that episodes in the new season will have experts’ interviews that will be a bit different compared to the previous years.

“We have invited three former journalism students from the Sultan Qaboos University who are already working in Omani media, to help us conduct these interviews with experts. It’s a pleasant experience working with these young enthusiastic people on our show.”

Episodes of the new season:

Sustainable fishing: It showcases a successful abalone research project in Mirbat

The state-of-the-art container terminal in Salalah

Majan Glass in Sohar, the biggest glass manufacturer in the Middle East

Research on Parkinson’s disease and an expert’s interview A special research project on fog in the mountains near Salalah during Khareef and its impact on trees

The Arabian leopard in Oman

Sailing in Oman – A film shot with Oman Sail

Milk – A film shot with As Safwah Company and a research project at the Salalah livestock research station about Dhofari cattle in Salalah

How can we forecast the weather? – A film shot with experts at a meteorological station in Salalah

Solar power – A start-up in Muscat will revolutionise Omani’s outdoor experience

Fruits and plants in Oman and the Dhofar region – A film shot at a fruit research station in Salalah and the Oman Botanic Garden

Beekeeping in Oman – A film shot in the Rustaq mountains