MUSCAT: The Nissan Altima, which breaks new ground for the mid-size sedan segment is hands-down the most engaging vehicle in its class. And if you’ve never driven an Altima before, get ready to have your notion of a mid-size sedan redefined.

Nissan has taken one of their most successful model, the Nissan Altima – kept its DNA and changed nearly everything – the visual appeal, the driving experience and, of course, the technology. Nissan Altima offers numerous segment defining attributes that enhance the ownership experience and provide real customer value.

New features

Remote engine starter in Mid and Top Grades: Nissan vehicles are known to offer smoother ride comfort, more refinement and benchmark fit and finish, while delivering breathtaking performance and road-holding. Their ‘multi-dimensional performance’ means the driver can enjoy the full depth of a Nissan’s capabilities whether navigating the corners of a winding mountain road, cruising on a motorway or even travelling in an urban environment.

The 2015 Altima comes with the Nissan Intelligent Key that allows the owners to drive in comfort and style regardless of the rising temperatures of the sultanate. The Nissan Intelligent Key allows drivers with a tap of a button on the door handle or trunk to unlock them, while the keys stay inside a pocket or purse. Drivers can start a car from up to 60m away with the Remote Engine Start System. This convenient solution lets drivers cool down the vehicle before it’s time to get in, provided they set the climate control functions when they step out.

With vehicles facing the brunt of the scorching heat nowadays; drivers are faced with extreme driving conditions. By using the remote engine starter, drivers can get the car engine running and activate the cooling before they step inside. That gives them the opportunity to stay indoors in the cool until the car is ready to drive. This can be particularly handy if drivers have young children and babies, or anyone else who are sensitive to extreme temperatures.

Standard tyre pressure monitoring system

Smart technologies are designed to help monitor conditions like a warning to let the driver know about straying lane, or a system that helps ensure they are travelling on properly inflated tyres.

The system with Easy-Fill Tire Alert lets drivers know when a tyre is low and the Easy-Fill Tire Alert takes the guess work out of filling tyres with a beep of the horn when they have reached the correct pressure.

The Altima SL Grade comes with NissanConnectSM

This uses hands-free technology, smartphone, and Nissan’s display screen to help customers stay in touch with the outside world from inside their vehicle. It is loaded with features and compatibility with a growing list of apps that lets you play your music, keep tabs on your social network, and navigate any city like a local.

Reverse Sensor (flush type): A seamless sensor designed at the rear bumper of the vehicle makes the Altima look sleek.

Among the all-new Altima’s many new features, perhaps the one that stands out most is its ‘class above’ appeal, which is apparent at first look and first touch of both the exterior and interior executions. The Altima’s all-new exterior design starts with its wide, aggressive stance and dramatic front end styling. Though retaining the same wheelbase as the previous generation Altima, it has a wider front and rear track (+35 mm) and deeper arches (+20 mm each side) – which combine with a crisp new grille design, seamless bumper and projector-type headlights to create a bold, sophisticated appearance.

The Altima’s interior defies mid-size sedan convention, rivaling upscale luxury sedans in ambience and sophistication. Like the exterior, there is a premium look and feel – from the driver’s side cockpit to the front passenger and rear seating areas – with extensive use of upscale, soft-touch materials and craftsman-like attention to detail. In the desire to help reduce the fatigue experienced during long commutes or extended road trips, Nissan turned to seating and posture from zero-gravity research. According to this research, the least fatiguing seats are those that come closest to a ‘neutral posture’ – a relaxed position that the human body takes in a weightless environment.

Altima seats help reduce muscular and spinal loads, and improve blood flow – thereby helping reduce fatigue over long periods behind the wheel. Seat surface perforations provide increased ventilation, breathability and comfort.

Along with premium seat comfort, the all-new Altima offers superior quietness through efforts to reduce cabin noise coming from the powertrain (new engine and exhaust mount designs), climate system (increased HVAC mounting rigidity) and the body (increased body rigidity) versus the previous Altima design.

New noise absorption materials with a 30 per cent increase in absorption capability (versus previous Altima) are also used throughout the cabin, including areas such as the roof trim, instrument panel and floor mats.

Altima’s Remote Engine Start gives the driver the power to start the car engine and switch on the AC from as far as 60m. With it vehicle owners can also lock or unlock doors, and open the trunk. Coupled with plush interiors and revolutionary technologies like Push Button Ignition, Dual Zone Automatic Temperature Control and more, the Nissan Altima is designed to give passengers a comfortable driving experience that’s simple out of the world.

The Altima Audio system includes an AM/FM/CD design with RDS, MP3, and six speakers. A Bose Premium Audio System is available with nine speakers (including woofers).