MP: The Disruption Of The Political System Had A Negative Presence In The Economic Reform Scene

MP Muhammad Shiaa al-Sudani affirmed that party interests have a negative presence in the economic reform scene.

Al-Sudani said in a statement, “The disruption of the entire political system had a negative presence in the economic reform scene, as the steps that any government or official aspired to were being rejected or accepted according to political relations and interests, and perhaps the most important of which was the abortion of the infrastructure project in 2008, as it was proposed, where a group of countries, including South Korea, Japan, Brazil and China implement development projects in Iraq through their companies and according to the specifications and conditions that Iraq offers and the latest technological means in exchange for providing them with crude oil for future years and according to the prices offered, so the position on that was rejection! And we come back in 2019, where the government signed the Iraqi-Chinese agreement, which is the same as the previous term payment agreement, faces the same rejection and skepticism .

Source: National Iraqi News Agency