Morocco, Djibouti Sign Partnership Agreement to Promote Disability Rights

Rabat – A partnership agreement was signed in Rabat between Morocco’s Ministry of Solidarity, Social Integration, and Family Affairs and Djibouti’s National Agency for Persons with Disabilities (ANPH). This agreement aims to foster the sharing of expertise and experiences to enhance the rights and integration of persons with disabilities in both countries.

The accord focuses on exchanging knowledge in training professionals and families to care for individuals with autism, bolstering bilateral cooperation, and sharing legislative practices, research, and studies dedicated to promoting the rights of persons with disabilities.

In her address, Aawatif Hayar, Morocco’s Minister of Solidarity, Social Integration, and Family Affairs, highlighted the Kingdom’s achievements under the leadership of HM King Mohammed VI. She mentioned the implementation of a comprehensive social protection system and a recent decree issued last May, which introduced a special identification card for persons with disabilities. Addition
ally, she noted ongoing efforts to digitize the sector to streamline and improve services.

Minister Hayar emphasized that this agreement would enable both nations to exchange valuable experiences, facilitating the social integration of people with disabilities. She also indicated that the visiting Djiboutian delegation would tour several social centers in Morocco to gain insights into the country’s practices and initiatives.

Doualeh Said Mahamoud, Director General of ANPH, expressed Djibouti’s keen interest in leveraging Morocco’s extensive experience in disability rights promotion. He remarked that the partnership agreement would significantly enhance the exchange of best practices and fortify the cooperation between the two nations.

Established in May 2018, Djibouti’s National Agency for Persons with Disabilities strives to ensure equal opportunities for persons with disabilities. Mahamoud explained that the agency aims to empower this segment of society to actively contribute to the country’s economic a
nd social development through various initiatives.

Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse