Members of Sudan’s sovereign council sworn in

Members of Sudan’s newly-formed sovereign council on Wednesday took the oath in the capital Khartoum, except one absent for unknown reasons.

Nine members of the council were sworn in before the council’s chairman Abdel Fattah al-Burhan at the presidential palace, in presence of acting justice chief, while another member Mohamed Al-Hassan Al-Taishi was not present.

Al-Burhan, who was Chairman of Sudan’s Transitional Military Council (TMC), on Tuesday, issued a constitutional decree to form a joint sovereign council of 11 members.

Earlier on Wednesday, he was sworn in as chairman of the sovereign council.

Under the deal recently signed by the TMC and the opposition Freedom and Change Alliance, the sovereign council comprises 11 members, including five military members chosen by the TMC, five civilian members chosen by the opposition alliance, and one civilian selected through consultation by the two sides.

The military members in the sovereign council include al-Burhan.

A constitutional decree is expected to be issued later on Wednesday to dissolve the TMC, which has been running the country’s affairs since the ouster of former President al-Bashir on April 11.

Source: National News Agency