Manifesto of the First Arab Christians Conference

The following is the Manifesto of the First Arab Christians Conference:

“First provision

The choice of Christians participating in this conference today is no different from the one they had made at the beginning of the last century, when the Ottoman Empire collapsed and the region entered a new juncture.

At the time, Christians had requested the establishment of the nation-State that would take them as well as Muslims from the status communal belonging to that of individuals citizens, a nation-state where all citizens are equal before the law.

They had refused yesterday as they refuse today the partition of their homeland into independent entities.

They had refused yesterday as they refuse today the principle of the alliance of religious, sectarian and ethnic minorities, as well as calls for foreign protection in order to prevail at home.

The participants at this conference announce their belonging to their homelands within an Arab world that they contribute to its betterment with all citizens on the basis of freedom, justice and modernity.

Second provision

The participants at the First Arab Christians Conference call for the establishment of a modern and civic nation-State based on the separation of religion and politics, a nation-State that guarantees human rights and the rights of individuals citizens.

Third provision

Participants in the First Arab Christian Conference held in Paris:

1- Call upon the youth of the Arab revolutions in Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, Algeria and Tunisia, as well as the rest of the countries in the region, to adhere to the peaceful nature of their movements. The experience of the first wave of the Arab Spring, especially in Syria, has confirmed that the violence of authoritarian regimes and terrorist groups can only be quelled by the bravery of peaceful protests.

The world has witnessed the tragedies marring our countries, favoring security over freedom, and left our people to their fate under the pretext of violence and the pursuit for “objective” alternatives to authoritarian regimes.

Only by working for freedom, justice and peace will we bring the world’s attention back to us:

– Peace among us, Christian and Muslim, Sunnis, Shiites, Alawites, Druze, Yazidis, Kurds, Turkmen, Chaldeans, Assyrians, and Syrians, as full and equal citizens.

– Peace and solidarity within our societies under the umbrella of modern democracies.

– Peace in societies through national, civil and constitutional systems, where social justice and the rule of law prevail.

– Defend the Palestinian people, victims of occupation and settlement, and their right to establish their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

– Peace between the Arab world and other nations that respect the international conventions, especially on human rights and peoples’ rights, and stand against all forms of persecution and racial, ethnic and religious discrimination.

2- They also call:

For the preservation of the Arab identity as a non-ideological and non-religious cultural bond enhanced by the common Arab interests, and for the renewal of Arabism as to embrace the values of equality, citizenship and the right to a decent life.

Source: National News Agency