Magwi officials destroy Bhang and illicit alcohol

Authorities in South Sudan’s Eastern Equatoria State last week torched four 50-kilogram sacks containing over 200 kilograms of Bhang and destroyed about 55 cartons of illicit alcohol.

Magwi County Police Inspector 1st. Lt Bongomin Godfrey Dorteo said they were only implementing an existing order banning the sale of illicit alcohol and drugs in the state.

Godfrey said the suspects arrested in possession of the illegal drugs will be arraigned in court to face the law.

“This case happened yesterday(Friday) at around 3;00 pm, these things are burnt within the market so that citizens can see that the Bhang and illicit alcoholic drinks that were confiscated from them are being burnt so that it can become an example for them. Let them know that these things are not needed here anymore,” he said

He went to warn those who are still illegally selling the banned items that the law will eventually catch up with them.

“Anybody arrested with such things will be charged, we confiscated four sacks of Bhang last month and the perpetrators are being arranged in court. And we have 55 boxes of different illegal alcohols like Star gin and many other illegal drinks,” the police inspector added.

Peter Otim Karlo, a legislator in the state representing constituency number 27, appreciated the authorities’ efforts in implementing the order but urged them to be more vigilant at the borders to avoid the entry of such goods into the state.

In September, state governor Louis Lobong ratified a gubernatorial executive order banning the importation and consumption of certain alcoholic drinks deemed dangerous by the state.

Source: Radio Tamazuj