Logistics Cluster South Sudan River Movement Strategy 2020


This document provides an overview of the Logistics Cluster’s South Sudan River Movement strategy for 2020. The cluster plans to achieve logistics and cost efficiencies by continuing the transport modality shift undertaken in 2018 and 2019, which aims to decrease reliance on air transport and capitalise on road and river transport modalities. For river transport, humanitarian cargo will continue to be delivered along the river Nile, while expanding operations along the El Zharaf and Sobat rivers.

The Logistics Cluster operates with a mix of barges (capacity from 600 up to 2000 mt) and boats (capacity from 30 up to 200 mt), allocated depending on requests and destinations.

Cargo to be delivered along the river Nile will be transported with the barge ex-Bor/Malakal/Renk.

Cargo to be delivered along the Sobat river will be first transported ex-Bor with the barge and then transhipped into boats in Malakal.

Cargo to be delivered along El Zharaf river will be transported ex-Bor with boat convoys.

Source: World Food Programme