LITANI, South Lebanon, Jan 17 – Lebanese Minister of Finance Ali Hassan Khalil said Friday it is self-evident that Kuwait commitment to support Lebanon and the activities of KFAED cover all parts of the Lebanese territories.

“The sisterly State of Kuwait offers indispensable funding to socio-economic development projects in Lebanon, including the water conservation project on Litani River,” he said on the occasion of the visit to project by a delegation from Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED), led by the Fund’s Director General Abdulwahab Al-Bader.

On his part, President of Lebanon’s Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR) Eng. Nabil Al-Jesr said the first phase of the Litani River project is 60 percent complete thanks to the robust support from Kuwait.

“The project will give a quantum leap to the socio-economic development in the southern governorates of Nabatiye and the Sidon; it will help irrigate up to 15,000 hectares of farmland and provide potable water to 100 villages,” Al-Jesr added.

Meanwhile, Al-Bader said in a statement to KUNA that the project aims to stop the plundering of the water resources of the River and make better use of these vital resources.

He renewed KFAED’s commitment to the efforts to see the project through, noting that “it’s an Arab project which will bear fruit for Lebanon.”

Eng. Nawaf Al-Dabbos, KFAED’s resident representative in Lebanon, said the project will help residents of Lebanon’s southern areas get settled in their communities and prod the rural development in these areas.

KFAED’s delegation inspected the project and was briefed by the contractor on the designs of a tunnel for water passage at a length of 5.5 km., a seven km.-long canal, and the power plant with a capacity of five megawatts.
The first stage of the project, designed to dig a main waterway from Qaraoun Dam in the middle reaches of the river to the southern farmland, costs USD 330 million.

The costs are jointly covered by KFAED and the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD).