MADRID, Feb 8 — Undersecretary of the Ministry of State for Youth Affairs Sheikha Al-Zain Al-Sabah lauded here on Saturday Kuwait’s pioneering experiment in the field of youth, citing her youth ministry as a paradigm in this regard.

The fact that Kuwait is one of the few countries that have a youth ministry shows its interest in young people’s affairs and its trust in their capabilities, she told KUNA on the sidelines of an annual entrepreneurs conference hosted by Spain’s IE Business School.

Kuwait’s participation in the conference is primarily intended to promote its unique experiment in caring for youth and developing their capabilities and skills, she said.

She added that she had elaborated on the Kuwaiti government’s response to the needs, expectations and hopes of Kuwaiti young people, together with keenness on boosting their efficiency and sponsoring their projects.

The Kuwaiti official noted that her ministry was established mainly to fulfill the ambitions of young people and to provide them with integrated and high-quality services.

The annual entrepreneurs conference has attracted the representatives of over 30 international companies, together with entrepreneurship experts and specialists.