KUWAIT, Apr 4 – The sight of a helicopter descending from the sky and landing in the middle of the street, might cause many road users to scratch their heads; however, such occurrence should soon become the norm, especially after the launch of the air ambulance service in Kuwait.

The air ambulance initiative, established by former servicemen, security veterans, and firefighters, in coordination with the Health Ministry, is described as a leap in developing health services in Kuwait.

Free from the restrictions of traffic jams and other problems that might affect the work of vehicles; the air ambulance service will enable medics to fly anywhere in Kuwait or abroad, to save precious lives.

Regarding the procedures of carrying out a helicopter mission, Under-secretary at the Ministry of Health, Dr. Jamal Al-Harbi told KUNA that, the aircraft needS to land in a safe zone near the site of the accident, which might require the closure of streets and roads.

The safety radius for the landing aircraft should be at least 30 metres away from nearby vehicles, added Al-Harbi. The official added that, the air ambulance service also includes planes that would fly patients to hospitals in the region for urgent medical attention.

Speaking about his experience with the plane service, head of department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Al-Razi hospital, Dr. Hussein Al-Majdi, said that, the service had many benefits not found in regular flights.

The airplane service is exclusively made to enable medical staff to take care of patients without worrying about things, such as, infection and other hazards, said Al-Majdi, adding that, with the launch of the service, Kuwait had become one of the few nations to offer air ambulance.

Despite being fairly new, the air ambulance service is a step in the right direction that will have several positive impacts on the development of healthcare in Kuwait.