KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait, Sept 4 – Surgeons at the Amiri Hospital have conducted a four-hour delicate surgery, successfully, removing a tumor in the liver of a 61-year-old patient.

Consultant at the Liver and Pancreas Surgical Unit, at the Amiri Hospital, Dr. Ali Taqi, interviewed by Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), said, the patient, after the operation, was admitted at the intensive care unit, where he remained for one day.

The patient had suffered from pain in the stomach, rectal bleeding due to cancerous swelling in the colon, also spread to the liver.

The procedure was quite sensitive because the tumor was situated on the liver’s main arteries connected to the heart, Dr. Taqi said.

Performing such an operation is quite difficult, without modern techniques and medical technology, employed at the Amiri Hospital, he said.

Ten percent of the patient’s liver had to be cut off, to make it easier for the surgeons to operate, he said, indicating that the patient would undergo chemotherapy treatment.

The medical team that operated on the patient was from the hospital Liver and Pancreas Surgical Unit, inaugurated three years ago.This ward receives cases that warrant surgeries in the liver, the pancreas and the gall-bladder, including patients shifted from all private and public hospitals in the country.

Dr. Taqi affirms that the special surgical unit is equipped with the most advanced equipment and staffed by experienced doctors and surgeons.