DOHA, Feb 22- Kuwaiti drivers ranked among the top in the sixth and final round of Qatar-hosted Arabian Drag Racing League which came to an end here late on Friday.

In the “Q-80″ racing, Turki Al-Humaidi was crowned champion of the oulaw category. His fellow Kuwaiti racer, Tareq Al-Qedairi came third in the “index-4.5,” and Abdullah Al-Shatti was fourth in the “8-c super street.” In the motorbike competitions, Al-Humaidi also came first in the “outlaw 10.

50,” and the Canadian Terry Schweigert won the championship in the “pro-extreme motorcycle” competition.

In “super street,” the Kuwaiti racer, Misfer Al-Misfer, came second in the “stock.”

The Kuwaiti team in the “drag-965″ category bagged four cups for the top ranks and three champions’ cups.

In the cars’ race, Khalil Al-Ansari came first in the “pro-mod,” followed by the fellow Kuwaiti champion, Bader Khorshid. Other winning Kuwaitis were Abdul-Wahab Al-Sulayem who came third in the “outlaw” and Jassem Al-Maqhawi who recorded third in the “outlaw-8c-super street.” In the dragster cars, Nasser Al-Shatti won the race coming first.

In the motorbikes, the Kuwaiti Mohammad Bou-Rashed came first in the “pro-bike,” the seven-time world champion, the American, Billy Vose, ranked third in the same contest. The Kuwaiti champion, Mohammad Al-Bedah, was fourth in the “super street bike.” In the “street bike,” the Kuwaiti Bou-Rashed was first and his fellow national, Bader Al-Eidan, was fourth.

Source: KUNA

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