KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait, Sept 2 – The Kuwaiti-Belarusian joint committee for economic, commercial, and technical cooperation, held a meeting Monday in Minsk.

This meeting is held under the framework of consolidating and boosting economic ties between Kuwait and Belarus, Kuwait’s finance ministry said, in a press statement, noting that the meeting is a completion of outcome of the committee’s first session, which was held in Kuwait in Nov, 2009.

During the meeting, the committee discussed various issues of mutual interest, most prominently economic, investment, developmental, commercial, agricultural, and tourism cooperation, in addition to cooperation among private sectors in both countries, said the statement.

Kuwait is eager to strengthen bilateral economic relations with all countries, in order to create appropriate conditions for economic cooperation, economic and commercial development, and a long-term investment in those countries, it noted.

Belarus is a promising market and an important investment spot, particularly in manufacturing field, which could form a base for establishing joint companies, said the ministry.

Belarus is well-known for producing medicine, devices, cars, electronics, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, construction materials, and food products, it noted. It, however, noted that, the country should reform laws and investment conditions to be more attractive to investors.

Under-secretary of Kuwait’s Ministry of Finance, Khalifa Hamad, chaired the Kuwaiti side during today’s meeting, while the Belarusian side was chaired by Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Valentin Rybakov.

In addition to the Finance Ministry, the Kuwaiti side also included representatives of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Foreign Ministry, Kuwait Investment Authority, Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, Public Authority of Agriculture Affairs and Fish Resources, and Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry.