KUWAIT, Oct 16 — Minister of Cabinet Affairs and Acting Minister of Justice Mohammad Abdullah Al-Mubarak Al-Sabah said Wednesday that the government is committed to providing the youth with jobs and combating corruption, which is why a ministry for the youth and a general public institute for combating corruption have been established.

Sheikh Mohammad made his remarks during a dialogue session of the National Conference for Empowering Competences (NCEC), adding that Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Mubarak Al-Sabah is keen on implementing transparency, ending corruption, and speeding up the process on the salaries strategic alternative project and enabling youth to take the initiative.

The minister noted that Article 41 of the Kuwaiti constitution states that “every Kuwaiti has the right to work and to choose the type of work he/she wants.”

“Work is a duty of every citizen necessitated by personal dignity and public good, the State shall endeavor to make it available to citizens and to make its terms equitable.”

Meanwhile, the conference final communique issued a number of recommendations, among them boosting cooperation between the executive and legislative branches to create the necessary legislations for enabling qualified youth.

The two-day conference also called for standardizing Job titles, payrolls, and the resulting effects as well as performance appraisal systems in all government agencies and state-owned entities.

The conference called as well on introducing the necessary amendments to Civil Service Bureau to organize the appointments of leading employee in accordance with the terms of an integrated system to fill leadership positions.

The recommendations also called for the need to develop a dynamic learning strategy compatible with the requirements of the development plan and labor market as well as to work on the establishment of a body to measure the extent of the application of international quality standards in government agencies, state-owned entities, and the private sector.