DOHA, April 17– The State of Kuwait stressed here on Thursday the necessity of exerting more international efforts to fight transnational organized crime.

Speaking to KUNA, the Third Secretary of Kuwait’s Permanent Delegation to International Organizations in Vienna Nawaf Al-Rujaib said: “The international community should intensify efforts and cooperation to combat transnational organized crime.”

He made the remarks on the sidelines of the 13th UN Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, which started in Doha earlier on Sunday.

He also emphasized that all UN agreements, conventions and protocols pertinent to the fight against organized crime should be fully put in place at both national and international levels.

In this context, he said the State of Kuwait, represented by the Ministry of Justice, has written a national piece of legislation bearing on the exchange of legal experience, and is in the process of enacting a national law pertinent to international legal and judicial cooperation.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Justice has almost finished a draft law on combatting cyber crimes, the Kuwaiti diplomat pointed out.

The 13th UN Congress, held on April 12-19, marks the sixtieth anniversary of UN congresses on crime prevention and criminal justice, bringing together governments, policy-makers and experts to exchange their experiences and step up international cooperation in tackling the threat of transnational organized crime.