WASHINGTON, Feb 21 — Kuwait’s Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sheikh Khaled Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah has expressed Kuwait’s commitment to counter violent extremist ideology and underscored the need to address it from a comprehensive perspective in order to find solutions to the region’s problems.

Sheikh Khalid renewed, in his intervention during the conclusion of “The Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Summit” at the White House dedicated to facing violent extremism here, late on Thursday, Kuwait’s commitment to address this extremist ideology through active participation with partners in the international coalition since it was formed to counter-terrorism, as well as through a commitment to international resolutions issued in this regard to confront violent extremism.

He noted that Kuwait formed a team from several competent bodies to confront and refute the messages broadcast by extremist groups via the various social media outlets, recalling Kuwait’s hosting last October of the first meeting aimed at finding ways to face ideological messages of the terrorist organizations, in addition to strengthening action with civil society organizations, intellectuals and clerics in that way.

Sheikh Khalid stressed that there is no doubt that the continuing instability in the region led to the creation of an incubator environment for these extremist ideas, emphasizing the need that any solution to such ideologies must be through a comprehensive perspective to solve the problems of the region in order to eliminate terrorism and extremism because they represent a regional and international threat.

He added that this summit is held in crucial circumstances the international community is passing through, a matter that would necessitate the need to address these terrorist and extremist ideologies which represent a common challenge for all, praising the initiative of the friendly United States in hosting this meeting.

The Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) summit, which lasted for three days, wrapped up its deliberations last night — in which representatives from more than 60 countries had taken part.