NEW YORK, Feb 12 – Kuwait reaffirmed its stance, and that of the Arab Group, in support of the Security Council reform process, including the call to have a permanent Arab seat, as part of future expansion to the Council.

The remarks were made by Kuwait’s Permanent Delegate to the UN, Ambassador Mansour Al-Otaibi at the UN General Assembly session, which focused on discussing government negotiations regarding the Security Council reform, stressing that the Arab group position was noted many times, in various occasions in the past.

Al-Otaibi added that, the international community witnessed rapid mounting challenges, which make it more vital to intensify efforts and activate the role of the UN Security Council to become more capable and effective in the face of these challenges and overcome them through a just representation, with transparent, impartial and credible climate.

The Kuwaiti diplomat noted that, the issue of reform to the Security Council, including a fair representation in the Council, comes as a fundamental process of comprehensive reform of the United Nations’ pillars.

Al-Otaibi said that, after more than 20 years of discussions, aimed to expand membership of the Security Council and to improve the methods of work, punctuated by a number of initiatives and positions by a number of countries and groups of countries, including the Arab Group, it is now important to push forward reforming the Security Council, especially in the presence of consensus between member states, on the principle of change and reform.

He stressed that, this does not mean rushing to reach a solution that does not enjoy consensus, adding that, what is required is a more effective international organisation, to perform a role in maintaining international peace and security, which also means that any solution they seek must have the broadest political support as possible, in order to preserve the cohesion of the general membership.

In this regard, on behalf of the Arab group, Kuwait renewed that position, in this intergovernmental negotiations and issues of reforms, to reach an agreement on the expansion and reform of the UN Security Council.