NEW YORK, Oct 17- Kuwait is taking part in efforts, along with other nations, aimed at reaching a global consensus on UN-masterminded Post-2015 Development Agenda, a Kuwaiti diplomat stated.

It is keen on implementing all plans, envisaged within a new development framework, that would serve the Post-2015 plan, said the third secretary of the Kuwaiti mission at the UN, Abdullah Ahmad Al-Sharrah.

Al-Sharrah, who was addressing a meeting of the UN economic commission, held as part of the 69th session of the UN General Assembly, indicated that such an approach is essentially designed to create a new global partnership, to bolster cooperation between the UN and other parties involved in development, namely the private sector, civil associations, educational institutions and charities.

The Kuwaiti diplomat was referring to a UN-masterminded process, that aims to help define the future global development framework, that will succeed the UN Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), a set of eight global development targets, which come to an end in 2015.

Current UN development agenda is centered on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), established, following the Millennium Summit of the UN in 2000. It envisaged eight globally agreed goals in the areas of poverty alleviation, education, gender equality and empowerment of women, child and maternal health, environmental sustainability, reducing HIV/AIDS and communicable diseases, and building a global partnership for development.