WASHINGTON, Sept 8 — Humanitarian initiatives are part of “years of great efforts by His Highness the Amir”, which have resulted in “unlimited support for humanitarian action at various levels and in various parts of the globe,” said Kuwaiti Ambassador to the United States Sheikh Salem Abdullah Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

Therefore, the UN decision to name the Amir a “Humanitarian Leader” is “well-deserved and befitting the wisdom of the Amir,” he continued.

The Amir “strives to do whatever would alleviate the severe humanitarian conditions” that have befallen the region and the world, in a manner that mirrors Kuwait’s “noble principles and firm conviction that humanitarian action is an essential part of the collective responsibility of the international community.”

The ambassador further lauded the role played by the generous people of Kuwait, and their “relentless pursuit (toward) mobilizing international efforts” to assist those who have been affected by difficult circumstances.

He described the UN designation as “a certificate of appreciation for the philanthropic role” played by the people of Kuwait, “whether through governmental institutions or private charities.”

The award is an “explicit recognition of the positive role and the policies pursued by the State of Kuwait, which contributed to the strengthening of (the nation) and its reputation in the international community,” he concluded.

The UN is expected to officially hand over the prestigious humanitarian award to the State of Kuwait on Tuesday.